Why choose IEP

Higher education institutions play an important role in society but must do so in a complex environment. The Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) aims to support institutions in tackling these issues by developing strategic leadership and capacity to manage change.

What will you get from an IEP evaluation?

  • A context driven evaluation that takes your institutional mission and goals as its starting point and does not use externally imposed criteria
  • An improvement oriented evaluation that identifies good practice and provides recommendations for improvement, but does not lead to summative judgement, accreditation, comparison or rankings
  • A comprehensive evaluation covering all areas of institutional activity, including governance and decision-making, learning and teaching, research, quality culture, service to society and internationalisation
  • Support for an inclusive self-evaluation aimed to deepen knowledge of your own institution and serve as a basis for the evaluation
  • A peer review with a European perspective by an experienced evaluation team that represents the diversity of European higher education landscape and takes into account the latest developments in the sector
  • In-depth understanding of your institution and relevant recommendations informed through a four-day site visit and a set of online meetings by an evaluation team
  • Written report identifying good practice and highlighting areas for improvement, published on the IEP website
  • Use of the ‘Evaluated by IEP’ icon for five years after completion of the evaluation

We are convinced that the IEP Evaluation has had a positive impact on the implementation of the University’s strategic goals and increases the importance of GUT in the international academic environment.

Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland


  • Tatjana Volkova, former Chair IEP Steering Committee, IEP Pool

  • Aleksandar Šušnjar, former student member, IEP pool

  • Sokratis Katsikas, former chair, IEP pool

    In this article, Sokratis Katsikas shares his experience of being a member for over 15 years.